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Monthly Sites

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Tohickon Family Campground offers monthly sites with full hook-ups available year-round for guests looking for a longer stay in the area.


We have sites to accommodate extended-stay guests that are open all year long, providing a comfortable and convenient "home base."  Our extended-stay guests include:

  • Full-time RV'ers looking to spend a few months in the area.

  • Traveling nurses and other contract healthcare workers.

  • Individuals with temporary work, from construction to technology, traveling with or without a family.

  • Guests waiting to close on a home purchase, or whose home is undergoing renovations.

Extended-stay reservations cannot be made online.  Please reach out to us to inquire about monthly site availability.

Important Note:  We are not set up for guests to live at the campground full-time for long-term, nor does our operating license allow it.  All guests, including those with monthly reservations, MUST have a home address and cannot use the campground for their mailing address.  We will accept packages sent to guests "c/o Tohickon Family Campground."  Monthly guests wishing to stay for longer than 90 days must provide proof of the reason for your stay and estimated date of departure.  Staying at the campground does not meet the residency requirement for school-age children to attend the local public schools.

Title 48 Lodging and Housing Guidelines:

A campground owner shall have the right to refuse or deny accommodations, facilities or privileges of a lodging establishment to any of the following:

  1. A person who is unwilling to unable to pay for the accommodations and services of the lodging establishment.  The campground owner shall have the right to require that prospective guests demonstrate their ability to pay by cash, a valid credit card or a certified or cashier's check.

  2. A person who is disorderly.

  3. A person who the campground owner reasonably believes is seeking accommodations for an unlawful purpose, including the unlawful possession or use of a controlled substance by the person or the use of the premises for the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person under 21 years of age.

  4. A person who the campground owner reasonably believes is bringing into the lodging establishment property which may be dangerous to other persons, including explosives or illegal firearms.

  5. A person who exceeds the maximum number of personas allowed to occupy a particular lodging accommodation in the lodging establishment, as posted by the lodging establishment.

Civil Liability for Refusal: A campground owner refusing or denying accommodations, facilities or privileges of a lodging establishment for any of the reasons specified shall not be liable in a civil action or for a fine or penalty based on the refusal or denial.

Restitution and Damages Permitted: In addition to any penalties provided under any other statute, a court may order a person to do all the following:

  1. Pay restitution for any damages suffered by the campground owner of the lodging establishment, including the lodging establishment's loss of revenue resulting from the lodging establishment's inability to rent or lease the accommodations during the period of them that the lodging establishment is being repaired.

  2. Pay damages or restitution to a person or his property that is inured.

  3. The parents or guardians of a minor shall be liable for the acts of the minor which cause damages to the lodging establishment room or furnishings or cause injury to persons or property.

Guest Register Requirements: Every guest shall register.  A registering guest may be required by the campground owner to produce a valid driver's license or other identification, satisfactory to the campground owner.

Right to Eject from Premises: A campground owner may immediately eject a person from the lodging establishment premises for violating this chapter.


"I have been camping at Tohickon campground for the last 12 years. Staff is GREAT! They have a well stocked store, many activities for families to do and a beautiful clean pool and bath house. The nights are quiet for a campfire in the ring that is provided at your site. Their store even sells firewood if you run out. The sites are big and mostly shaded. I would highly recommend!"

- M.S. on Trip Advisor

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